Orange County, California

I am a believer in God, a wife, and a mother.  My husband and I have made it our mission to give these boys a good life.  A childhood that they will remember.  I believe every mother wants that for their children.  For their memories to be beautiful and full of love and laughter and fantasy.  For them to have faith & hope and to be honest kind hearted people.  To give and love stronger than any one ever has.  To kiss and say I love you, to help others and trust in our future & to trust in our God.  I often find myself wanting to photograph every second of their lives, because I know their little hands, cold little noses and wondering minds will grow up way too quickly.

It's our choice to live in the moment, to be present, and to not look too far ahead.  I feel that you need that as a photographer. You need to be in the moment.  You need to feel what is felt on the other side of that lens.  You need to be able to look at these photos in 10 years and feel that moment all over again.  I believe I will, and I believe you will too.